There’s a folklore about a mother who, out of anger, cursed his naughty son into jambu meteLiterally means cashew fruit, jambu mete is a metaphor for the state of standing on one’s head. According to the tale, the boy used to stand on his head and mocked her mom.

Javanese people founded a new term for this miserable state: kuwalat. The term inspired a new way to present a cup, I mean, a glass of coffee.

Image: cikopi

Kopi kuwalat, or crashed java in an inverted glass. We drink the beverage from a plastic straw. Of course, we have to wait for it to cool down a bit–except you want to taste the heat of bad karma.

You can slurp the kuwalat coffee in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. There’s also a similar trend in Aceh, where people call it kopi terbalik (lit. upside-down coffee).