While drawing batik on a cigarette has been a bit too common, there’s an interesting activity you may want to try. It’s called cethe, or cigarette painting. You don’t have to be a smoker to paint your cigarette, because you don’t want to destroy the art work you’ve created, do you?

The best time to paint your cigarette is when you have a lot of spare time. It may take up to an hour to do the painting, but it all depends on your painting skill.

Prepare one cigarette stick, a tooth pick, and a saucer. Make a black coffee. Pour the brewed coffee to another glass, leaving the remnant on the bottom of the cup. Place the remnant on a saucer, absorb remaining liquid with tissue papers, then add condensed milk into the saucer. Mix the coffee remnant with the milk, and using a toothpick, you can start painting the cigarette with the coffee and milk mixture.

Here’s what the painted cigarette will look like:

Image Credit: primbondonit.blogspot.co.id

Cigarette painting is popular in East Java, particularly in Tulungagung. It can also be found in the north-eastern parts of Central Java such as Lasem (Rembang) and some in Blora.

Ready to make one? Watch this video and get inspired!