Our relationship with left hands is not that complicated. We don’t use it for eating meals or hand something to others. Sometimes, we’ll expect others to not hand something to us using left hands. And why is it so?

In Indonesia, left hands are reserved to handle “dirty” jobs; scratching skin, touching dusty surface, ripping toilet paper, wiping the bottoms, etc. Right hands are used for more dignified tasks, such as eating and shaking one’s hands.

Touching food with left hands is a big no. Even if one is left-handed, they’ll (have to) learn to eat with the right hand.

And oh, we wear our wedding bands on the right ring finger. It’s the marriage of Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right, anyway, so why not make it apparent from the start?

Now as I say this, you’re going to wince to any Indonesian who touches you with left hands. When those dirty hands reach you, you have the right to recoil. Just don’t tell them you learn these from this blog. They’ll kill me.