When I started learning English, I used to be curios as to why rain–in many creative works–was often used to symbolize grief, heartbreak, and other negative emotions. I always thought rain evoked calmness and serenity in everyone.

It turns out that it only applies to us who live in tropics. Soon afterwards, I realized that living in cold climates would make you fed up of precipitation.

Down here, in a sunnier part of the world, a little bit of coolness brings us joy. It’s refreshing. Not everyone has their AC at home, so rain is like a free AC for the masses.

Traditionally, rain means a blessing since it quenches the thirst of our paddy fields. It promises good harvest. Nowadays, if rain comes on regular basis, we don’t have to rent a machine to pump up water out of the river to the rice fields. It saves us money.

Personally, I like how rain suppresses the noise of almost everything; traffic, a crying toddler, talkative friends, and so on. I love it when it rains at night and people fall asleep. It’s so quiet, perfect for writing.

The palpable grandeur of silence…. Living on the most populated island on earth, you won’t understand how I value such quietude. It’s something I always long for.

I think that’s the reason why many writings I’ve found here are mostly inspired by rain. It’s during this rare moment of silence that a thousand of muses pop out from nowhere.