In English, the first person pronoun ‘I’ is always written in a capital letter. In Indonesian, the first letter of ‘saya’ or ‘aku’ is never capitalized (except when it starts a sentence).

The second person pronoun ‘Anda’ in Indonesian is always written with the first letter of the word capitalized, while ‘y’ in ‘you’, except when it starts the sentence, is not.

It’s more common to say in Indonesian; ‘saya dan teman-teman’ (I and my friends), where the first person ‘saya’ is mentioned first, the other party ‘teman-teman’ later. In English, ‘my friends and I’ seems to be more common.

If you believe that language reveals how a society views the world, or that it shows how people of a certain nation think, what could you possibly infer from those above examples?