Every language fulfills different needs of different societies, and it’s great that it’s been working this way. I don’t understand why some people think their language is better, simply because they found their language had a greater list of terms in one particular field.

In Javanese, we have a big list of agricultural-related terms. We named every plant seeds, fruits, leaves and trunks. We created new terms instead of just putting existing words together.

We don’t just call it coconut, coconut leaf, coconut flowers, coconut tree, but klapa, blarak, manggar, glugu. They’re all different words, not just repeating the word klapa “coconut”.

It was necessary to have these many terms considering we lived as an agricultural tribe for a really long time. Lots of technical words in this particular field has enabled us to communicate effectively using accurate terms.

If our life was built around industry, we would have a greater list of industrial words, and less agricultural terms.

There’s no “greatest language of all”.